Tuesday, December 8, 2015

PS4 Emulator

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Moreover, although Sony has offered the first implementation of Remote Play (which operate on PS Vita in tandem with a PS4) by Microsoft were the first to bring this facility on PCs and tablets, devices of this type equipped with Windows 10 is capable, via the Xbox to stream games two front run by an Xbox One in the same local network.
Recently, through the official Twitter account of Shuhei Yoshida (Sony Worldwide Studios president of the Sony Computer Entertainment) revealed that Sony is also working on an app for PC and Mac Remote Play.

 But no further details were provided about when it might become available.

Most likely, we will learn more about Remote Play and adapt it for PC to PlayStation Experience 2015 event will be held from 5 to 6 December, 2015, in San Francisco. PS4 Code Generator allows you to buy any game using codes. These codes are only given on our website and only with the touch of a button. PS4 Code Generator application recognizes the codes obtained through PSN code generator that we offer can enter the game for PSN any site and you can purchase. All you have to do to generate these codes to enter and select the appropriate package that introduce them to you immediately. These packages are provided for money. 

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Facebook Game

Every time we see how the controversy hangs over Facebook by a single theme, applications that integrates social network. On several occasions, users have issued their complaints because, although Mark Zuckerberg has already announced that it would solve the problem, they constantly receive notifications and annoying invitations. Now, this is not the only problem that affects applications and games of Facebook, but also the collection of information from users who use them.

New and dangerous scam through Facebook

They explain in RedesZone than Vonvon, the developer of the game My most used words, has been accused of collecting information about its users for later economic benefit from these data. Specifically, they explain, this type of information would have been stealing to sell it to agencies of advertising that, as we all know, used it to segment their campaigns and take advantage of ads showing. What, for example Google, it is called as "personalized advertising".

An investigation has found the 'bad practice' of the developer
In this same study on the video game, the research has allowed to know that the software prompts the user to full access to your profile. And although this access can be restricted easily, in Vonvon would have been taking advantage of the ignorance of much of Facebook users. Another important detail, no doubt, is that the privacy policy of the game that we are talking about explained consenting copying and storage of these data on their servers.

Users can defend itself from gathering information on Facebook
From the developer, however, have ensured that the users have the possibility of refusing to share this information. That point is that, according to direct statements from this company, is used as a defense of a practice that, security experts, is not too 'clean'.
This is why, precisely, that we have seen repeatedly how security experts are running that, to protect the privacy of the user, the best defense is to use common sense. Because, unfortunately, on this kind of issue an antivirus is useless.

Thanks to a 'reality show', a Chilean woman named Francisca (20 years old) knew his partner, who he met over year on Facebook, was not the man who called Paxton, himself who currently resides in the United States. The fact was recorded and then was released on a YouTube channel.

"We met in a Facebook game. We started with a friendly relationship, and then she was loving. "We have been a year and I like for various reasons for the support that gives me and because you know understand me", featured the young, before the trip that made to United States to meet Paxton.

According to Francisca, Paxton sent flowers to his home and was detailed in every conversation that were waging for Facebook, but his mistrust was increasing to the extent that the so-called man refused to send their photos.

Social network game
"Currently we communicate through Facebook, but I've never seen it by camera. That generates me much distrust. He told me that the camera from your computer was ill-fated, when I asked for a photograph to be taken", he added.

The young Chilean, finally, undertook a journey to the United States along with the production team in order to visit her partner that took more than one year of relationship on Facebook, but nothing pleasant was the surprise that was after know that Paxton was in fact Lillith, a young Mexican woman who resides in the United States.

"I think this not nobody, nobody in my family knows it. It is not for interest, I care about the relationship,"said Lillith, who was passing by Paxton on Facebook.

This situation, Francisca returned to Chile with hot tempers, but then managed to forgive Lillith, with whom he still keeps contact on Facebook.

Games Of Thrones

Game of Thrones' fans need to calm your hunger for sixth season with whatever, even if they are only a few seconds of new footage. Last night took a surprise when HBO, before the end of the season of ' The leftovers', issued a long promo that appeared a few unpublished images of new chapters.

Actually a few: only three planes with four characters, none of them Jon Nieve. In part may be to Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke), with a worried face, further still of his reign of Mereen; the always handsome Ramsay Bolton (Iwan Rheon) on the back of a horse, and Cersei Lannister (Lena Headey) embracing his son Tommen (Dean-Charles Chapman), the only one that fits.

The video can be seen below and includes, in addition to the short 'Game of Thrones' step - around the second minute-, images of new series expected as 'Vinyl' and 'Westworld'.

The sixth season of game of Thrones comes loaded with emotion and suspense. In fact, as it ensures in the Bran, the youngest son of the Stark advertisement, ' they have no idea of what is going to happen '. The teaser is already raising a great excitement among the millions of fans of the HBO series, is played by Jon Nieve, once again in the eye of the hurricane. No unpublished scenes but a journey in just 40 seconds by the more dramatic episodes of George R. Martin series. Under the image of Jon Nieve (Kit Harington), it hears the voice of the quartz of Tres Ojos, played by Max Von Sydow, who says: "we look, listen and remember. The past is already written. The ink has been spilled". Then, appear bloody images of other episodes, like the red wedding or loss at the hands of Jaime Lannister. The teaser continue to maintain the suspense over the future of Jon Nieve, despite his tragic end in the fifth season. The enigma continues until April, but the actor was hunted in the filming of the sixth season.

If you thought was a dark series game of thrones, it was child's play compared to what's coming. The teaser for the sixth season of the series has already gone, and is very ominous. The future painted dark for the protagonists.

On a static picture of Jon Nieve, the Raven of Tres Ojos, played by Max Von Sydow for the first time, explains to Bran is the verdevidencia, the ability to have visions in West:

"We looked at. We listened, and we remember. The past is already written. The ink is dry"
The explanation, followed by a series of images of the worst moments that the main characters have crossed from the red wedding until the loss at the hands of Jaime Lannister. Thus, to what everyone wants to see: snow, fallen on the ground, just be killed.

Will it rise? The question remains in the air, but is also likely the thing will not remain as it is. Finally and ultimately never a teaser has been focused on a corpse without more, isn't it? In addition, there are numerous tests. But we will have to wait until April to find out.
Game of thrones

The Dutch actress Carice Van Houten, responsible for giving life to the Red Priestess Melissandre, has returned to the set of filming the sixth season of 'Game of Thrones' in Northern Ireland. On his Twitter account he has published some photos of the set, where we see the truck in which changes and a bonfire, where good safe defender of the Lord de la Luz will be more than one interesting detail that will leave perplexed all viewers of the HBO series. Melissandre will play a fundamental role in the sixth season, which will premiere in April.

But, what has been rolling Carice recently? According to the seven kingdoms, it is a scene in which argues with Davos, who will subsequently participate in 'Battle of the bastards' and that will be part of the first chapters. It is well known by the vast majority of fans of the series, Melissandre will be responsible for bringing life to Jon Snow after being stabbed by his brothers of the night guard in the last chapter of the fifth season. Their timely arrival moments before the attack on the Lord Commander and the theory that already has realized that Stannis is Azor AIHA ("look for AIHA goshawk on fire and only see snow"), so suggest.